Latest news - 16 July 2020: Mill Road online community conversation – answering your questions

On Friday 3 July we co-hosted our second online community conversation with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency focusing on answering your questions about proposals for Mill Road – a new connection from Manukau to Drury South.(external link)

As promised we’ve created a set of FAQs from the discussion, you can read these here [PDF, 158 KB] and on our Social Pinpoint page(external link). If you missed the session, you can watch a video recording here(external link).


22 June 2020: Feedback on southern Auckland transport proposals is now closed

We have now closed this round of public engagement. Thank you for having your say.

What happens next?

Landowner and community feedback will help to refine our preferred options.

Now that the public engagement period is closed, we will:

  • analyse your feedback and publish a summary report here
  • carry out further technical investigations
  • continue landowner engagement before we progress to route protection
  • give the community regular updates as we progress.

Key timelines for southern Auckland proposals:


  • Partner, stakeholder and potentially affected landowner engagement
  • Detailed Business Cases finalised for some transport projects
  • Further technical assessments undertaken.


  • We expect to start talking directly with landowners about the Mill Road Corridor later this year and lodging the Notice of Requirement in early 2021
  • We expect to start talking directly with landowners about the Pukekohe Expressway before the Notice of Requirement lodgement which is scheduled for late 2021
  • For other projects, documentation for route protection lodged with Auckland Council (Notices of Requirement)
  • Potentially affected landowners notified in advance of when route protection will be lodged
  • Route protection completed (post 2021).


  • Construction for all stages of Mill Road expected to start late 2022.


17 June 2020 

Our online conversation with Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore on planning southern Auckland’s transport future together

Last week we hosted our first online community conversation, facilitated by Auckland’s Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore. We received 126 questions before and during the event and lots of messages about what you liked, suggestions on how to do things better, and requests for more engagement. We also heard your frustrations about not having your questions answered during the live session.

We’ve taken this feedback onboard and will host another three on-line sessions which will have a focus on answering questions.  Please complete this brief survey(external link) by Monday 22 June so we can make sure we cover the right topics and schedule the sessions for a time that suits most people.

As promised, you can watch a recording of the session here(external link) and read a summary of the questions and answers here(external link). The second set of questions and answers can also be found here. [PDF, 240 KB]

 FAQ capture [PDF, 575 KB]

12 June 2020: More time to have your say on southern Auckland transport plans 

Community feedback is open until 19 June 2020 on transport proposals that will transform southern Auckland.  

There's now more time to have your say on southern Auckland projects in the Drury-Opāheke, Pukehohe-Paerata and Takaanini areas. Due to an overwhelming response from the community we've extended public engagement until Friday 19 June.

Thank you to those who have submitted feedback already on our transport proposals.

If you haven’t yet, we’d love to hear your thoughts - click on the links below to submit your feedback.


Planning southern Auckland's transport future together 

The south is growing fast [PDF, 1.5 MB]and over the next 30 years, an additional 120,000 people are expected to live in Takaanini, Opāheke, Drury, Paerata and Pukekohe. We’re planning for this growth now and creating solutions for public transport, rail, road and walking and cycling paths [PDF, 4.6 MB] that will serve future generations.   

In partnership with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport, we are continuing to progress transport projects in this area as infrastructure will play a critical role in the economic recovery of New Zealand. 

FINAL MAP Southern Auckland projects transforming the south 01

Now is your opportunity to help shape the future – tell us what you think 

Create the future with us and help shape our vision for how Aucklanders will move around and connect to where they live, work, study, shop and play. 

Join the conversation on our Social Pinpoint page(external link).

Find out more below and tell us what you think - we want to hear your thoughts on each of these projects: 

Mill Road – a new connection from Manukau to Drury South 

Mill Road will provide a safer, more reliable and accessible transport corridor to support future residential and employment growth in southern Auckland. Mill Road is an additional route from Manukau to Drury South and will provide better access for the 120,000-plus people who will make Auckland’s southern suburbs their home during the next three decades. 

Pukekohe Expressway and connections to State Highway 22  

We’re proposing a new connection to improve safety and support the future movement of people and goods between the proposed Mill Road Corridor, State Highway 1 and Pukekohe town centre by providing an alternative route to State Highway 22. 

Pukekohe Urban Arterial 

We’re proposing some new urban arterials around Pukekohe, including the north-east section, to unlock development within the planned new growth areas and existing urban land around Pukekohe. The project will upgrade the roads around the town centre, allow for improved freight access to the surrounding area and provide increased access and travel choices in and around Pukekohe. 

Rail – supporting urban and economic growth 

We’re planning now for future growth in both passenger and freight services. Rail is a major contributor to national and regional economic growth. Investing in rail, including new stations at Drury Central, Drury West and Paerata, will provide additional train services to give people more sustainable travel choices which will help reduce emissions, ease congestion and improve road safety. 

During May and June 2020, we asked for your feedback on your preferred ways to travel to each station and the type of facilities you will need.

Thank you for your feedback, comments and ideas. The following answers are in response to questions received through our Social Pinpoint website(external link)

Rail South Auckland [PDF, 218 KB]

Road upgrades along Opāheke Road, Ponga Road and Waihoehoe Road  

We’re proposing safe, separated walking and cycling paths along Opāheke Road, Ponga Road and Waihoehoe Road. These upgrades will give people more active transport choices, allowing them to walk or cycle to public transport and connect to where they need to go. 

Find out more about this project here [PDF, 665 KB] and take a look at the map [PDF, 389 KB] for this area. 

During May and June 2020, we asked for your feedback on our preferred options to widen Opāheke Road, Ponga Road and Waihoehoe Road and about your preferences for using the new walking and cycling paths. 

The following answers are in response to questions received through our Social Pinpoint website(external link)

Social pin point questions [PDF, 150 KB]

Ways you can have your say 


Complete a survey online - Have your say now  

Mill Road(external link)

Pukekohe Expressway and connections to State Highway 22(external link)

Pukekohe Urban Arterial(external link)

Rail(external link)

   Join the conversation on our Social Pinpoint page(external link)


Download and submit a feedback form by post to:  

Supporting Growth Programme, PO Box 105218, Auckland 1143 


Contact us at  


Call 0800 GROW AKL (4769 255) 

Community feedback is open 18 May - 19 June 2020.  

What happens next? 

Community feedback is important to us to help refine our preferred options and other investigations before we progress to route protection. We will continue to update you as we progress and will come back to you to close the loop on your feedback. 


January 2020 update: Consultation now closed on Drury and Opāheke projects

In December 2019 and January 2020, we sought feedback on the draft preferred option for projects within the Drury and Opāheke areas. Thank you to those who provided feedback - we are now collating this and will use it to check we haven't missed anything important for these projects which are being progressed through Detailed Business Cases. 

Below is further information for each project in the Drury and Opāheke areas:

Next steps

Once we’ve received and considered your feedback and undertaken further technical investigations, we’ll be in a position to talk about potential property impacts and will be in contact with property owners when we have this information. From there, we’ll start the route protection (e.g. designation) process to protect the land needed for each project.

What about the projects not included in this consultation?

Over the coming months, the Supporting Growth team will continue technical investigations for the other projects identified in the Indicative Strategic Transport Network for South Auckland, as part of the Detailed Business Case phase.

There will be further consultation with stakeholders, property owners and the community on some of these projects in early-mid 2020.

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